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"BBS - Mirror of Innovative & Integrated Education in the Region"

Blooming Buds School, Moga which is commonly known as BBS, is the rising SUN of this new Era of INNOVATIVE AND INTERGRATED EDUCATION. As the new policy of holistic development of the students is propagated by CBSE, BBS is promoting CCE in full stream and spirit. WE want students to be confident and competent in each field rather be parakeet through ROTE learning. BBS is focusing on education which can have lifelong effect on their lives as we believe 'education is the golden stair that can lead the society out of poverty and misery'. It is the illiteracy that causes the greatest damage to the human and other resources of the nation. BBS's main niche is to work not just 'single man' but for the betterment of ‘society and nation’.

We at BBS develop cadre of high caliber personnel's. Mr Sanjiv Kumar Saini, the Chairman of BBS Group himself has determined to make a difference and disseminate the gift of education which had transformed his life. He had initiated a number of philanthropic activities focused upon education and child welfare in the region. Mrs Kamal Saini has devoted her life fully to upgrade students' education to all, specially the Ews in this region through her kind and generous attitude towards the poor. BBS never runs after the materialistic social groups or people but has always understood the need of education in all categories without any discrimination of caste, color and creed.

BBS is affiliated with CBSE upto Senior Secondary and is providing following streams:

'The parents feel proud and students enjoy learning, such is our BBS'. The well qualified staff and experienced guidance with scalene motivation by BBS management makes it the best institution of this region. BBS is known for its discipline, social graces and moral values. The different Clubs activities motivate students to take part in different skills such as drama, music, dance etc. The Eco club, Social & Cultural, Health & Wellness Club, Maths and Science Club help students to groom their hobbies and skills. I believe BBS is the best place of learning.



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